The hvac nerd (AKA Your HVAC Technician)

Diagram of our HVAC Nerd!

Michael, HVAC Nerd

Michael, our NCI, NATE, HVAC/R, EPA certified HVAC Nerd

Our HVAC Nerd, Michael, has completed his NATE Certification, NCI Certification, EPA Certification, and is close to receiving his HVAC/R Associates Degree from Riverside Community College.

Sean, the OG HVAC Nerd

Sean, is the original (OG) HVAC Nerd

Sean began his HVAC training over 20 years ago, in the US Army. Since then, he has received his A.S., several certifications through NATE, as well as NCI. Sean was also, EPA, BPI and NABC Certified. He continues to attend additional training to this day.


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