We do Mini-SPlits!

Mini-splits are a newer, energy efficient way to heat and cool your home

We install ducted and ductless mini splits into residential homes and commercial spaces to keep the home comfortable and save money on utility bills. Many of our customers in Corona and Riverside, CA have seen significant decreases in their utility bills and improvement in indoor temperature  comfort.  

Solar panels and mini-splits go together

Mini splits run only on electricity, which means that customers running on solar energy could experience a significant decrease in utilities because natural gas is no longer needed to heat a home. Most HVAC systems in the Corona/ Riverside area of Southern California use gas to heat their homes- switching to solar and a mini-split air conditioner could make your A/C bill $0!

Install a mini-split system today!

If you just need a small, energy efficient solution to heat and cool your garage, shed, or extra room - a mini-split would be an excellent solution. Have Green Comfort install them today!

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How much will my new mini-split system cost?

Your home is unique, you are unique, your budget is unique. 

We have systems that range from $5,000 all the way up to $12,000, not including any duct work or additional work that your home may need to be the most comfortable. 

YES! We offer financing! And the HERO Program!

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